Digital Transformation Fundamentals Masterclass

Digital Transformation is a Business Problem, that needs to be solved by the business with the help of technology.

We developed Agile ADapT specifically to help industrial age organization organizations to clearly and plainly map their organization’s journey to the digital age.

Because  ADapT was developed for the business, it uses, and explains what needs to be done in plain business language, not techie jargon and hifalutin and complicated language. 

This Masterclass shares a Digital Transformation approach that leverage technology and digital capabilities, and ensures a simple transformational journey. The tech is the tools you use, it’s not the journey or what you need to do, or even why it is important to do that! 

Leaders need to  lead their organizations into a digital future, and managers need to understand how to affect this future.  Everyone in the organization need to understand what that journey will look like, who should be involved, how they should be involved. If it sounds complicated – its not – we handle all the complexity with simplicity?

This Masterclass is a practical deep dive into understanding an end-to-end approach to digital business transformation. customer needs.

In this one-day adventure, you will learn what needs to be done from a strategic, tactical, project and operations perspective to take ANY organization into the 21st century.  

What will you learn?

  • Gain in-depth understanding of customer and digital market demands and shifts
  • See how to use a simple innovation process in response to demands and shifts to improve or create digital-age products and services
  • Use agile methods and game-changing technology to supercharge value realization
  • Help your organization to apply and use ADapT as a transformational approach.
  • Identify and assign key roles.
  • Use key techniques, or artifacts – to achieve desired results.
  • Understand your own role in the transformational effort. Why and how your contribution leads organizational success.
  • Identify the role played by the three types of professional ADapT practitioners , what their role is and how to become become involved in the activities they lead.

Although not listed as a specific target for this course, product, project and IT resources are often key contributors to digital transformational initiative. Much of the content in the text emphasizes the importance of these functions’ contribution to successfully transforming organizations in a modern context.

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Do you feel as if everyone talks about digital transformation and it really makes no sense – every conversation you have about this seems disconnected from the next. You know that your business have to change to remain relevant and competitive in an environment that is becoming increasingly more digital – but who do you listen to?

The problem with Digital Business Transformation is that it’s complex and have many role-players. These role-players contributes to the overall success of changing a business to be future ready, but often they only see and know their part of the puzzle. What is needed is a big-picture view that will enable you to act!

The Agile ADapT® approach and transformation process is that big-picture view you need to understand.

Digital Transformation is far more about engaging with customers in a new and more meaningful way, that the technology leveraged to achieve that.

We are not saying that digital technology is not important, it is but the journey don’t start with the technology.

Organizations need to learn how to innovate, solve problems, leverage technology to create new opportunities, be more agile and transform business practices in line with new social norms and new customer expectations – learning how the organization should interact with, and serve new and future consumers better!

This Masterclass will show you how use a easy and straight-forward digital transformation approach called Agile ADapT® to achieve just that! 

After the masterclass, you can also write the Agile ADapT® DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION FUNDAMENTALS Exam and earn an internationally recognized credential!

The PRIMARY target audiance for this workshop are:

  • Organizational leaders and managers needing to transform their organization (to understand the importance of giving direction and enabling transformational success.)
  • Organizational specialists who perform transformational activities (to understand transformational activities in the context of the transformational lifecycle, their role, and how their involvement enables optimal outcomes.)
  • Participants in transformational activities, in general (to understand transformational activities in the context of the transformational lifecycle, their role, and how their involvement enables optimal outcomes.)
  • Accredited Training Organizations and Trainers (to understand how ADapT provides a reference for organizational transformation activities and how to convey the approach to learners.)
  • Transformational Coaches and Consultants that aim to assist organizations in the process of transformation, change, and continual improvement (understanding the ADapT transformational lifecycle and methods and how the approach facilitates successful organizational transformation and change.)


Your Master-Class Facilitator

Johann Botha is a trainer, consultant, and coach with twenty years of agile product development experience and the author or co-author of seventeen books (six of which are about agile development, innovation, and business transformation.)

He also received several thought leader awards for his work in Agile, Digital Transformation, Innovation, Design Thinking, DevOps, Service Management, and Customer Loyalty.

Johann was involved in dozens of successful organizational improvement initiatives and technical and business transformation projects across industries.

He helped customers in 39 countries over the last 20 years, building digital age capabilities and developing practical skills, solving difficult problems, growing people, facilitating change, dreaming, scheming, and most importantly, DO!

Johann is the Chief Architect of Agile ADapT®, and Principal Consultant and Coach at getITright. He is also the current Agile & Digital Transformation Chief Examiner at EXIN.

He studied engineering, social, and business science and has taught students progressive service management practices as part of the Nelson Mandela University MPhil IT Governance program, since 2018.

Pieter Roos

Pieter Roos

Group Executive – Combined Audit and Assurance. ABSA Banking Group,  South  Africa

Johann is one of the best teachers I every worked with and makes an effort to stay at the forefront of best practice development, often working on re-defining it. I value his integrity and steadfastly honest opinions, his sense of humor and the consistency with which he approaches life.

Shereef Zaghloul

EMEA Head of Professional Services, Confluence, UAE

The approach to deliver content and supporting it with vast practical experience engaged the entire group. Johann’s restless effort in providing added value with real life scenarios, examples, and additional content prepared the group fully the exams. I would definitely recommend Johann as a trainer and confidently expect him to add an enormous value as a consultant.

Bibi Diaz Del Castillo Koch

Johann would ask about my real-life context and help me to apply what I have learnt to my work.

It is an absolute gamechanger being able to immediately apply what I have learnt to great effect in the workplace.

Suzanne Galletley

Portfolio Director, EXIN, The Netherlands

This serves as a testament to the knowledge, professionalism and ability of Johann  to identify gaps and finding (new) ways to bridge them… (with)  technology, innovation, transformation and digital business strategy… consolidating multiple disciplines into one….

Richard De Kock

Richard de Kock

Principal Strategy & Digital Transformation Consultant, Microsoft, Reading UK

Passionate, meticulous  with an enormous amount of business and framework  knowledge & insight.

The training is vibrant and engaging, with a knack for presenting theoretical concepts practically. 

David Barrow

Award winning Consultant, Thought Leader and Author

It would not be an exaggeration to say that learning with Johann gave me so much more than just an exam result.

The training and advice given have set me off on a path enabling me to confidently switch the direction of my business and pass the benefits onto my own clients.