Mentorship Learning-Programs

Learning more than the theory, learn how to apply, with a mentor holding your hand and guiding you every step of the way.
Yes, Consultative Learning-Programs and Mentoring INCLUDE PREPARING FOR CERTIFICATION EXAMS, but while we FOCUS ON UNLOCKING IMMEDIATE VALUE; DOING THE RIGHT THINGS RIGHT, right in your organizational context.

Consultitive-learning & Mentorship Programs

How about learning from a SPECIALIST CONSULTANT and having a MENTOR and COACH that can help you apply what you learn, as you learn, in the real world?

The world will never be the same again, but the need for people to get together to learn will never disappear, we just have to change the way we do it!

Although we still deliver traditional (virtual) classroom courses and have a few e-Learning offerings, we started something new.

Explore our Mentorship & Consultative-Learning programs, done one-on-one, or in small groups.

Programs for Executives, Senior & Middle-management, Associates & Specialist Consultants.

Mentorship & Consultative-Learning Programs

Executive One-on-One’s or Small Team and Public Group Programs


If you are an executive, you are the only one that can change & transform your organization!

You need to solve a complex problem and need to focus on your context. You want to learn but can’t waste time!

You need to focus on delivering value fast, and you need to lead and mentor your team!

TEAM-BASED Transformation

OK, you put together a team to facilitate organizational change and make the company more competitive.

Learn as a team with the END-IN-MIND, apply what you have learned as you learn, and make progress every day!

AND, validate your learning with international industry certifications.


Do you and your consulting team need to build new-age skills like Business Agility, Digital Transformation, or skills about specific methods or frameworks like Agile ADapT, VeriSM, SCRUM, LEAN, or DevOps?

Why not learn from a CONSULTANT that has successfully applied what you want to learn, that can show you the pitfalls and the most effective way of using such?

We do Open-enrolment and Closed-group CONSULTING SCHOOLS for those who want to master the theory and learn how best to apply it in a consulting environment.

Lean and apply what you have learned as you learn it, get expert feedback, AND validate your learning with international industry certifications.

Training ROI Exceeded!

As a manager, I expect to see more than 100% ROI on training investments, but with getITright, every team achieved more than 230% ROI. The business realised nearly 2,400% ROI on one of our team-based learning initiatives!
Johan Smit
Head of development, major bank Johannesburg South Africa.

Like our approach?

Why not chat with us about how we can help your organisation to win in the digital age?

The list of all of the courses we do.

  • ADapT Digital Transformation (Full Program)
  • ADapT Digital Transformation & Innovation Strategy
  • ADapT Innovation Spring Core
  • ADapT Innovation Sprint + Jobs-to-be-done
  • ADapT Innovation Sprint + Kaizen
  • ADapT Innovation Sprint (All the above)
  • ADapT Business Model Innovation
  • ADapT Scaling Ideas
  • ADapT Digital Age Operations
  • Lean IT Foundation, Kaizen & Leader
  • Lean IT Professional (all three)
  • VeriSM Foundation & Professional
  • Agile/Scrum Scrum Master & Product Owner
  • Agile Business Professional
  • DevOps Professional & Master

Should you still require ITIL® or COBIT® courses, we partnered with renowned ATOs that focus on these products.

Consulting, Mentoring & Coaching

Practical, experiential, and theoretical learning combined to make learning meaningful and personal development real!
One-on-one Mentorship, Coaching, and Consaltitive-Learning help you to KNOW what’s best but also DO what’s best.
LEARN, APPLY, and ACCELERATE in a digital age.

Join 15000+ happy learners today!

At home, at work, anywhere

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