This is an on-line, guided, experiential learning program

This course is a paced, experiential, blended on-line program – but what does that mean?

The official time commitment to complete VeriSM Professional is 21 contact hours. Considering that you would hopefully also study to prepare for your exam, you would most probably spend a total of about 30 hours to prepare for writing the VeriSM Professional exam, if you were to attend classroom training.

Part of the VeriSM Professional certification process is also a requirement to complete practical work, demonstrating that you can apply what you have learned – in a classroom, this would have been done as practical labs or assignments.

If your training provider delivers VeriSM Professional correctly (not only theoretical learning but also gaining practical experience), the program qualifies as experiential and theoretical learning.

This program is no different, on second thoughts; actually, it is!

From a practical perspective, you will most probably not be able to afford to spend three consecutive days just doing this program. 

We have learnt over the years, when people who do remote learning they combine it with other activities in their daily lives, and it’s not realistic to think that they will spend more than 8 hours a week on the learning program (if you want to you are most welcome – but don’t spend less).

With that in mind, we structured this program to be paced over four weeks, including doing revision and writing your final exam. According to our calculations – you would spend 29.8 hours from the first task in the program until you have completed your final exam!

OK – so its on-line lessons and some exercises I heed to do – you say.

Yes, BUT. Remember, I said that the program is different from what other providers will deliver?

The reason we say that is because we have structured the learning and exercises in such a way that you immediately start applying what you have learnt to your work context.

We based the assignments on your organisation and not some arbitrary case study, targeting the real issues and problems you face. The experience you gain with our program different – apply what you learn immediately to a real environment. Your organisation can immediately start to benefit from what you have learned.

Now, I hear you say – but how do I know how I’m applying what I lean correctly?

Your tutor is also an experienced consultant and coach with 33 years of IT and management experience. He will expertly guide you through the process. Although no guarantee, the likelihood that you have applied what you learnt correctly, and that your organisation will benefit from your efforts, is much higher if you have an expert guide.

You can complete the program over four weeks. You will do some theoretical learning, and get the chance to apply what you have learnt every week, and all it takes from you is a commitment to set about eight hours aside every week to do so.

Your assignments will be evaluated by your tutor, who will give personal feedback on every assignment. Assignments for the week are due every Monday by midnight GMT, and you will receive feedback within 36 hours of submitting your assignment. 

We will communicate with you using the learning platform, or e-mail, or we can also schedule a face-to-face over Skype if Zoom if required.

Our goal is to help you (and as a consequence your organisation) succeed in a digital world.

I trust you will enjoy your VeriSM journey with us!