Who should do this course?

If you are getting involved in digital transformation in any shape or form, this course is for you.

It is also recommended that you do this course first before attempting the more advanced level practitioner level certification courses.

As this course is a introductory course the intended audience is quite board – if you want an one-line answer it would be every single person that will be involved in some way, shape or form in a digital transformation initiative. Your reasons may be different – but even if you will specialize in one aspect its is always good to understand the whole picture.

So who should typically need to do this course?

  • Organisational leaders and managers who want to prepare themselves for a digital transformation initiative
  • Anyone who will be involved in defining the organisation’s digital strategy
  • Anyone involved in the sale or marketing of digital products and services
  • Anyone involved in innovation and product/service design
  • An implementer of digital products and services
  • Running, supporting and maintaining any digital product or service initiative
  • Professionals like data-science or analytics, continual improvement, auditors and quality management
  • Any practitioner who is involved in defining, measuring and refining organisational roles and associated metrics
  • Project managers, Scrum Masters and Product Owners