What to expect from this course

The intent of this course is to share the fundamental precepts and design of the Agile ADapT Digital Transformation Method.

Agile ADapT is an Innovation and Design-driven Digital Transformation METHOD! And, because its a method it is a pretty fixed approach for your digital transformation journey, and it prescribes all the steps you should take. There is however, flexibility in how you take the steps because not all organisations are the same.

There are many other approaches to taking a digital transformation journey, like for instance, VeriSM – which is rather an approach to digital transformation and therefore very open-ended. The architect of Agile ADapT is also one of the authors of VeriSM, and one can say that Agile ADapT is one of the ways the guidance given in VeriSM can be used and applied. We also offer VeriSM learning programs, and frequently learners of the one, also learn the other. The question you need to ask yourself is do I want a definitive method to follow, ensuring that my company is ready for the digital age? If so ADapT is the correct choice. If you want additional board guidance on many of the nuanced subjects typically found in digital transformation journeys? Then VeriSM is your choice.

I consider VeriSM general education and ADapT specific implementation advice, guidance, even to some extent instructions. We chose a prescriptive approach as many people asked us for a definitive approach over the years – they want an easy to follow recipe.

And that is exactly what we did with ADapT – we have given you an easy to follow recipe. We will give you easy to follow steps that will always yield results, in the one organisation the method will yield exceptional results, and in the next, just good results, and the reason is quite simple. But even good chefs will tell you that they will modify even the best recipe over time. So what ADapT gives you is that prescriptive flop-free recipe to start with, and because ADapT is cyclical in nature, you and your organisation will make it your own each time you go through the cycle.

Even though Agile ADapT is a method, you should evolve the method over time to best fit your circumstances, and we will give you lots of options in HOW you apply the WHAT of ADapT. You need to experiment and see which of the HOW’s works best in your context.

We have been involved in many transformational initiatives over the years. We learnt that the WHAT (as described here) doesn’t really change from organisation to organisation, but the HOW can be quite different.

Because ADapT is a METHOD, you may say that the WHAT we describe is not for you, in such a case we encourage you to use a less prescriptive approach like VeriSM and combine it with methods that you think will work for your organisation. If you want to switch programs at this time, you are most welcome, my advice though is to rather stay the course. As a special incentive, we will give you access to the VeriSM Professional course at a 66% discount to all those who completed this course!

Digital Transformation is about how customers experience your products and services, as much as it is about changing the way your organisation do things. We are confident that the Innovation and Design-driven method we will show you in ADapT is the key ingredient of a successful digital transformation initiative. 

ADapT, like Simon Sinek encourages that you think about WHY, WHAT and HOW, conceptually in everything you do. We should start with WHY, but why is personal, it is the individual or organisational motivation that drives WHAT you do! No method or framework can tell you your WHY – later on we’ll talk a bit about how you can discover you organisation’s WHY.

Because this is the course that will introduce you to ADapT – we will virtually exclusively focus on the WHAT in this course. What do i need to do to ensure my products and services are appropriate for customers in a digital age, and WHAT do i need to do as an organition to digitally transform (so that my products and services is appropriate).

If you want to learn more about the HOW, we have three additional practitioner level courses that focus on the HOW. The first course focuses on the HOW of digital strategy. Then there is a course focusing on the HOW of Innovation. The last of the three practitioner level courses focus on the HOW of Implementation and Scaling of new and exciting products and services.