More on the practitioner and professional level certification and credentials

Although doing the Agile ADapT fundamentals course and certification is not a prerequisite for doing any of the more advanced courses, you should know the basics well before you attend any of the practitioner level courses/workshops.

A practitioner should be able to apply and use what they have learnt, so that’s why we offer these courses as either immersive workshops or as paced, blended experiential on-line courses.

So what will practitioners learn?

Remember we said that this course is about what practitioner courses are about the use and application of the WHAT – they are HOW courses!

There are three focus areas for the practitioner level courses and certification, they are:

  • Certified Digital Strategist (define your digital strategy and build your digital portfolio)
  • Certified Digital Innovator (Innovation and design of products and services falling into each of the major innovation categories, efficiency, sustaining and disruptive innovation)
  • Certified Digital Implementer (Using agile to implement, operationalise and scale innovations)

If a candidate did all three practitioner courses, they will automatically get the Professional Digital Transformation Leader credential, and become a full professional member of the ADapT Association (the first year’s professional membership is free).

Candidates who want to further distinguish themselves can submit a portfolio of evidence in the form of a project successfully completed (with certain criteria met), in support of an application for the professional designation of Professional Digital Transformation Officer, or Professional Digital Transformation Coach credentials for a nominal annual membership fee.

Organisations wishing to offer Agile ADapT Training or use it as a commercial consulting offering need to employ at least one Agile ADapT Professional Member of the association.