Upturning the apple-cart and creating the future

Disruptive or Empowering Innovation is the seed from which new business ideas (and often a new business) sprout. The most abundant examples of disruptive innovation, transforms complex and costly products that was previously available to only a few people, into cheaper, simpler, and more available products to a larger audience. Disruptive or Empowering Innovations builds, it create jobs for people who build, distribute, sell and service these products.

For long-term success, if fuelled (empowered) by disruptive ideas, organisations need to out-invent their most successful products and services – sooner is better than later. If done right, they will keep on calling disrupting themselves Empowering Innovation; and if they don’t, they will need to go through the painful process of disrupt their own (top and most successful) products before the competition does!