What should change (and what not)?

Evaluating how the organisation performs against set aims and goals indicates areas of attention and where the organisation either falls short or should improve.

The scope of these efforts can be quite broad, but from an ADapT perspective, we will specifically look at the following areas of improvement and change:

  • Products and services (the primary focus of ADapT)
  • Initiatives and projects (especially those involved in building or changing products and services)
  • Operational models and processes (with a view of changing the organistaion’s value proposition)
  • People, skills and competencies (with a view of changing the organistaion’s value proposition)

Although a host of other changes should be considered, we will leave those for other focused guidance to address. We would, however, recommend that these should at least include:

  • Building and maintaining the capacity and competencies to perform, including all types of resources and the infrastructure used to create and deliver value
  • Looking at risk (especially cyber-risk)
  • Legal, statutory and compliance issues