Innovation is core to Digital Transformation

Why innovate?

This seems obvious at first – if organisations don’t constantly adapt their products and services, they will become irrelevant.

If one however sees the lack of innovation in most organisations you realise this question is not that simple.

There are many reasons why organisations don’t innovate, even when they know they should! The most likely reason – innovation and change are difficult!

It’s hard to innovate and the process is fraught with unsuccessful attempts – even worse, once you innovated it virtually always means change, and change is painful. This personal and organisational discomfort provides enough motivation –  for individuals and organisations alike – not to innovate.

Most people, if asked, will say that innovation is hard and it is not a “natural” competency that most people have. This view however is an absolute fallacy – you don’t have to be super talented to innovate.
Anyone can learn how to innovate, and the more you do it, the better you get at it!

So, talent and skill are not the primary reasons for a lack of innovation, it’s just the primary excuse!

That being said – yes, we agree that some people are naturally more creative than others, but what is surprising is that those ‘talented’ and ‘creative types’ fail just as often when innovating than those who are not.

The harsh reality is that innovation is an acquired skill more than anything else!

Successful innovators have cracked the code – they are not super talented!

The intent of Agile ADapTTM is to help people AND organisations “crack-the-code”.


By teaching the ‘processes’ and ‘skills’ for successful innovation, and by thinking about how the process of change can be made easier and less painful!

The reality is that everyone has innate creative ability, and everyone can successfully innovate once they have learnt how to do it.