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Traditional e-Learning or Experiential Blended On-line programs – career focused structured programs to improve knowledge and build needed skills and competencies

Simply put, e-learning can entirely be done on-line at your own pace with (not advised) no contact with your trainer. Mixed delivery programs use e-learning to deliver some content but also have a remote-contact and interactive component, where learners and tutors do some of the work using video-conferencing, e-mail or even social media posts to augment the e-learning component.
Mixed-delivery is normally used if the content to be learned in at Bloom Level-3 or above

Please contact us and we will tell you how you can make a direct transfer from your bank to ours using our IBAN or BIC details.

If you have a credit card you can chose to make payment to the card-provider using your budget facility. South African residents can also make use of the Payfast MobiCredit facility.
We only have payment schemes for career-path programs where you can pay for each course in the program as you take the course.

Bloom’s Taxonomy is of classification of learning outcomes and objectives. The higher the level the more complex the learning matter. In general foundation level courses are at Bloom Level 1 & 2, while intermediate content is between 3 & 4 and advance level content is between 3 and 6.
The levels are as follows; 1) Remember, 2) Understand 3) Apply, 4) Analyse, 5) Evaluate and 6) Create.

The courses we provide helps you prepare for professional certifications that are generally recognised all over the world, but they are not academic qualifications.
Over the years we have found that professional certifications are recognised all over the world by employers and professional bodies, and you will get credit for holding these certifications. Just Google jobs + the certification or the skills you will learn in the course to see how widely they are accepted.
Also visit the Examination Institute in question for more information.